Self Defense with Shaolin Studios

by. Cristina Norland
edited by. Beci Russell


Compass AmeriCorps members recently participated in a Self Defense Workshop at Shaolin Studios in Regent Square. The Workshop was presented by Master Lisa and former Literacy* AmeriCorps member, Greg, who started training at the studios during his AmeriCorps term of service.

Greg and Master Lisa with AmeriCorps members at Shaolin Studios.

Members were taught basic self defense techniques as well as how to use a Kubotan. A Kubotan is a small self defense weapon that can be attached to a key chain. It can be held in an ice pick grip and  used in self defense to attack areas such as the nose, shins, neck, head, or wrist. The Kubotan can also be gripped to harden the fist for punching and because it is attached to keys it can be used as a flailing weapon. Master Lisa very generously provided all members with a free Kubotan.

A Kubotan.

After members practiced the self defense techniques, they were given a chance to put on protective gear and simulate defending off an attacker. Some members very bravely suited up and Greg “attacked” them from behind. They then had to use the moves they were taught to fend him off.  The workshop was a lot of fun and very well done. If you are interested in taking a self defense class or learning more about what the studio has to offer, visit their website at

Greg ‘attacks’ AmeriCorps member, Cameron, from behind.

AmeriCorps member, Cameron, uses his new self defense moves to fend off his ‘attacker’.

AmeriCorps member, Casey, defends herself using new skills taught at Shaolin studios.


One thought on “Self Defense with Shaolin Studios

  1. Great training! Great pictures!

    I don’t generally enjoy being attacked by a stranger. But in this case, it was pretty fun.

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