Stuff my Students Say

By Susie B    Edited By Maia L

Here are some quotes from students. I’m sharing them because they are humorous quips, not because I am laughing at or making fun of my students. They are amazing people with great senses of humor! Feel free to add quotes of your own in the Comments section!

Background: This was in the fall. It was right when the weather was changing and people were getting sick.
Susie: “Everybody’s getting sick!”
Older Bhutanese man: “Yes. Because climate change.”

Susie: “Hey, why don’t you teach your wife English?”
Elderly Bhutanese man: “She doesn’t listen to me in my OWN language…!”

Background: This was the day after the 2012 Presidential Election where Obama was re-elected.
Bhutanese man: “Yesterday was very good weather. Election day: good. Today: cloudy and rainy. No good weather. Mitt Romney is crying. Sky is crying.”

Elderly Bhutanese man: “Money money, sweeter than honey.”

Nepali woman: “In my country, if a woman is not giving her husband a son, it is okay for the man to find a new wife.”
Karen woman from Burma: “If my husband find new wife, I kill him!”

First grader from Nepal: “Oh my gosh you’re getting married??”
Jen: “Yeah.”
First grader: “After you get married, are you going to the wave pool?!”

Elderly Bhutanese man: “God created three men. God create white man. He do not like. God create black man. He do not like. God put together and get brown man. Then finish.”

Susie: “Positives are good things. Negatives are bad things.”
Bhutanese man: “Women are positives! Men are negatives!”

Older Bhutanese man: “In America, woman is first. Then is dog. Then is man.”

Background: This was said towards the end of a 3-month conversation class.
Bhutanese woman: “I wish this class would never end!”


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