Optimistic Revolutionaries


Revolutionary Optimists

By: Dawn B

Edited by: Tina Norland

Map Your World is an online platform developed by BAVAC Producer’s Institute for New Technologies. This project allows youth to create surveys about public health and community issues, simply by using cell phones. The data can then be uploaded to the community map online, and then shared with other youth around the world. These community based surveys have proven to enact positive changes. Map Your World was a project inspired by a group of children in Kolkata going by the name of “The Daredevils.”

By tracking and collecting data related to water, sanitation, and infectious diseases, these daredevils have “turned a trash dump into a soccer field, lobbied for electricity and clean drinking water, and decreased diarrhea and malaria rates in their neighborhood, and doubled polio immunization rates.” This initiative was enacted by a man named Amlan Ganguly, who saw that these issues were affecting communities in India, and wanted to give youth a chance to make changes in areas that impact their everyday lives.

The journey of these children, alongside Amlan Ganguly, is documented in the film “The Revolutionary Optimists.” Filmed over the course of several years, this documentary shows how these youth were empowered to change their futures for themselves and those around them.

Global Pittsburgh will be holding a screening and discussion of the film at the Union Project on May 13th at 6PM. If you can’t catch it then, PBS will be premiering it at 10pm on June 17th! For further information about Amlan Ganguly, his initiatives and “The Revolutionary Optimists,” check out their website. Here is a trailer for the film feature on PBS and a video on the Map Your World System.

The above information was cited through revolutionaryoptimists.org.



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