Peace Through Posters

By: Dawn B

Editor: Maia Lamdany


Ronny Edry, a 41-year-old Israeli graphic designer, started a movement through a photo that he posted of himself with his daughter on Facebook with the caption: Israel ♥ Iran. Then he started taking pictures and creating posters of his neighbors and friends with the same caption. People from Iran began messaging Edry, responding by sending him their photos wanting to show their love too. That was last year. Since then there have been millions of visits to the Israel loves Iran Facebook page, and similar pages have been created by people all over the world. In October of 2012 the official organization “The Peace Factory” was established, with the goal of “promoting peace in the Middle East by making connections between people, opening new communication lines, making people get to know each other…from ‘the other side.’ Iranians, Palestinians, Israelis, Egyptians, Syrians, Lebanese, Turkish, Jordanians and more.” Check out the inspirational Ted Talk given by Edry in September 2012, along with the official website.



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