mEMbeR nAmE ScRamBLe

Created by: Susie B     Edited by: Beci R

Do you think you know the first and last names of all of our members? Try to unscramble the names below. We have 23 members and two leaders. An extra name is added for fun. How many can you figure out? Can you find the extra name?

If you think you’ve got all the answers, email Susie at: There may be some sort of prize involved for the first solver…!

1. rslilsbeuce                    2. asedoyanm                    3. ynltteknnteaa
4. mamguauta                  5. ayloeuoscgn                   6. iljiodgl
7. ecimakocli                     8. iaekrljwule                      9. asallnciekisb
10. iodlnntnraa                 11. maailmdyana                12. rdeehcjrasss
13. artyernalbic                14. ramliacopnrbeeonoj      15. enrmaapkcrnio
16. hasnsreieatkh            17. yaleem                          18. jneeashy
19. ejsdeogsrli                 20. csiloelielhb                    21. ukdcesaisiherbecs
22. aryolswmoerka          23. sretyhrnteebn               24. wdshbuan
25. cilhteaniybysar           26. uahlibjany


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