Summer in Pittsburgh

By: Kayla Hunter

It’s pretty typical for the inhabitants of Pittsburgh to scratch their heads near the end of winter and begin to question their choice of locale. Even with a winter as mild as this year’s, the gloom of the grayer months can wear on a person. But there’s nothing like deprivation to make one appreciate the good things. Which is why it feels so good come May every year, as the sun remembers us again and the birds start chirping in Cinderella-esqe unison, to watch Pittsburgh and its various civic institutions open up shop.

The following are several ways to take advantage of the warm weather and the best the Burgh has to offer, all on an Amerifriendly budget.

Farmers Markets

No more shrinkwrapped cucumbers from grocery stores! No more grapes shipped from Chile! Now is the time to reap the haul from nearby farms and learn to cook with what’s in season. (Well, maybe not now, but soon from now. Make sure to check the Post Gazette for opening dates.)

The Pittsburgh region is host to more than 100 farmers markets, so fresh produce and baked goods are likely a stroll away. The best news? A number of markets run by our friends at the Pittsburgh Food Bank accept EBT.

Three Rivers Arts Festival

Truly a gem, this free festival combines fine arts and artisanry for sale and for viewing, live folksy bands, and deep-fried carnival food. It is a place where one can be cultured and a hippie and a yinzer all at the same time and finally feel at home.

The festival will be going on in full force from Friday, June 1 to Sunday, June 10 in the Point downtown. Extend that relaxation from the AmeriCorps retreat by browsing the Artists Market from 12 – 8 p.m. or check out a performance in the evening.

Cinema in the Parks

At some point, a smart person in Pittsburgh realized that people love sitting on lawns to watch performances, watching movies on big screens outdoors, and getting things for free. From this was borne Cinema in the Parks.

Convene with a date or some of your best buds for a night with nature and the silver screen at Flagstaff Hill in Schenley Park, Arsenal Park in Lawrenceville, or one of 4 other locations in the city. Bring popcorn and enjoy a movie with the best backdrop imaginable: the Pittsburgh skyline.


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