From Y’all to Yinz

Caley Ferguson

Spak Brothers on Penn Ave: a vegetarian friendly comfort food paradise

So, my exploration of Pittsburgh since the last issue has been focused on good eats versus good beats. On my hunt for good quality, healthy, and affordable food—let’s be real, local and organic foods are a bit more pricey so searching for the best deals is a must—I’ve discovered some neat places for a foodie on a budget. At each place I tried a vegan or vegetarian dish. In my opinion, it’s a good idea to know where delicious veggie meals can be found because sometimes it’s nice to grab (guilt free) take out and forget about cooking.

Spak Brothers on Penn Avenue in Bloomfield has quickly become my favorite place to order comfort food with a conscience. Philly cheese steak sub, buffalo wings, pepperoni pizza. Three sinfully yummy comfort foods that I thought were goners from my life when I decided to give up meat (except local meat from humanely treated animals because I don’t think I am strong enough to stay off the bacon). However, Spak Brothers offers a version of wings, subs, and pizza that are made with seiten. Last week I ordered the 6” Philly cheese “steak” with a bottle of water. My grand total came to $6.00.

Remedy in Lawrenceville: cool atmosphere, hot hand-cut fries

Remedy on Butler Street in Lawrenceville and D’s SixPax & Dogz on Braddock in Regent Square also offer tasty vegetarian versions of comfort food classics. Remedy’s menu boasts vegan sloppy joes and vegan tacos. From experience, their hand-cut french fries are amazing. For you carnivores out there, I’ve been told Remedy also has the best burger in the city of Pittsburgh.

D’s SixPax & Dogz, as the name entails, features a wide variety of hot dogs on the menu. The best part of the vast menu is that most specialty dogs come with the option of swapping a beef frank for a veggie dog. J I tried the “Big Ben” veggie dog. It was messy but awesome.

Hot Dogz from D's SixPax n Dogz.

Perhaps the most exciting find has been the shop set to open soon in Lawrenceville. It’s called Wild Purveyors and it features products that are grown, raised, produced in Pennsylvania: GMO-free  grains, and flour;  wild mushrooms; antibiotic free, grass fed and pasture meats; rBST free milk and dairy products; cheeses; eggs, et cetera. A fellow AmeriCorps member’s site supervisor told me about the shop during the fall and I have been anxiously awaiting the grand opening since. Hopefully, the store accepts  EBT cards. I’ll be visiting the store as soon as it opens so be watching for a post on the discussion portion of the hub!

For more information on the places discussed above, check out these links:


One thought on “From Y’all to Yinz

  1. Love it! Spak Bros. and D’s 6-packs and Dogs are great places for vegetarians. There’s a place on Mt. Washington like D’s called Packs and Dogs with the same idea, I hear. I have to check out the other two places though– they sound awesome! Thanks for the write-up!

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